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So this one time I went to South Africa and saw a lioness in the wild.

Need I say more? Probably not, but I will.

It was our last drive of the trip and we had seen so many animals already…giraffes, elephants, zebras…klipspringers, impala, and wildebeests…But there was something we hadn’t seen-lions. We told our game driver that we were eager to see lions and frankly didn’t care to stop for much else. (Though we did pause to watch a hippo cross our path and flop into the water!) She said there had been a sighting earlier that day, but she couldn’t make any promises. But low and behold..we came upon a whole PRIDE just lounging in the sun. We tracked with them for over an hour and watched as they traveled down the dirt path toward the setting sun until they disappeared under camouflage of golden savannah grass.

True story.


Taken in Pilanesberg National Park  .  October 2017


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