In my brief eight years experience as a professional cinematographer and photographer I’ve learned at least one thing — I could spend another eighty years behind a camera with a smile on my face and still never tire of it. I believe every person on this planet has a story worth telling and weddings are a unique occasion where two stories are woven into the same book. I also believe a wedding day is about so much more than just formalities and posing and ticking the boxes. It’s about celebrating the adventures you’ve had, honoring all your favorite people, and toasting to the new and grandest adventure you’re embarking on together. I’ll be there for all those moments in between, preserving the story alongside you as it happens so that you can look back and remember all those little things that made up your big day.  — xoxo, SG

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Q: “How many hours of service are included in your packages?”

A: There are basically three tiers to choose from—

  • P.S. I Love You – 6 hrs
  • As You Wish – 8 hrs
  • Infinity – Full Day (up to 12 hrs)


Q: “Is there any way you’d be willing to do the PS I Love You package, but with 8 hours of coverage instead of 6?”

A: Absolutely! Additional hours of shooting can be added to any package at $100/hr.


Q: “It says that you offer 8 hours of coverage, does that mean I will get 8 hours of raw footage?”

A: Nope, sorry. There are several reasons why not, but the main one is that I simply do not shoot continuously, but rather in ‘scenes’ throughout the day. However, raw footage can be added to any package for $700 (pricing includes an external hard drive).


Q: “I really want the audio of us saying our vows, are you able to do that?”

A: Yes, BUT! it has to be arranged prior to the wedding and agreed upon in the contract. Recording audio is a big task, especially if outdoors and trying to be discreet, not to mention it requires extra equipment and another operator. This is usually something we would go over in our first meeting.


Q: “We really want some drone footage, can you do that too?”

A: Glad you asked! Aerial shots are an awesome way to capture the whole venue and surrounding landscape, not to mention it’s just really freaking cool. I can hire a professional operator for you, starting at $500/4 hours.


Q: “Do we get to review music and make suggestions?”

A: Of course! You’re welcome to be as involved as you’d like in choosing the music. I license all my tracks appropriately, most often from Soundstripe or The Music Bed.

Q: “I really like the deep house/music video style as opposed to cliche wedding songs or love songs. Is it possible to hear some music samples, you might suggest?”

A: Yes! Feel free to browse the catalogs and send me links. We can even create a collaborative playlist for you to add your favorites!

Q: “I don’t really know what to choose, can you pick the music for us?”

A: Absolutely. I like picking tracks that match the style of the wedding (and the mood of the moment) and I’m proud to say that I’ve never had anyone complain about music choice. However, you will be the first to review the edit so if you hate the music, don’t worry, we can always change it!